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One of the key features of bourbon is that the barrels they are aged in can only be used once. To get the clarity, taste, and name, it’s the only way it can be made. Our friends and neighbors at Hewn Spirits make a ton of their delicious Dark Hollow Bourbon – it’s their biggest seller.

We’ve partnered with Hewn to acquire their used bourbon barrels, still dripping wet with their spirit, and age some of our best coffees inside of them. Unroasted coffee has a very low moisture content, so it soaks the rich flavors and aromas directly out of the wood and internal atmosphere of the barrel. Slowly, over 30 days, the beans reach maximum saturation. We then roast them to control how much of the aromatics and flavor will remain within the coffee. The roasting/heating process removes all of the alcohol and you’re left with only the incredibly aromatic, sweet, caramelized bourbon and coffee flavors.

Colombian Tolima

Named in 2004, this cooperative was born from the outset to grow organic coffee.
The zone is famous for its geographic characteristics, including soil rich in minerals from volcanic ash.
In 2012 it began a partnership with USAID to help strengthen and improve the cooperative’s technical capabilities, the quality of the coffees they produce, and most importantly,
the quality of their lives. Homestead Coffee Roasters began purchasing from this coop in 2016 after being blown away by the crop quality.

Planadas, Tolima

1450 meters

Colombia, Caturra, Castillo


City Minus Roast

You’ll notice more dimples in this roast, as the bean isn’t roasted dark enough to expand to a smooth polished finish. This helps preserve the natural flavors inherent in the beans and allow the bourbon flavors to be preserved.



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12 oz

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Whole Bean, French Press, Auto Drip, Refillable K Cup Grind, Pour Over, Espresso, Cold Brew


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