The Story Behind The Homestead: Who We Are and Where We Came From
02 Sep 2016
We sat down with Rick and Iris Lewis, our parents, and the heart and foundation of the Homestead, to ...
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guat and lionheart organic 2
New Certified Coffees…
11 May 2016
Spring is an amazing time of year, not only do we get to put our hands to the ...
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Cupping steam macro
This year’s journey
19 Jan 2016
As we look ahead this year, the vibe around here is one of excitement.  2015 was a transformative year ...
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Leaf Change 2015
Autumnal Update
23 Oct 2015
Where have we been? We’ve been busy! No excuses for not being public about the events, though, so here’s ...
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Micro Lot Honduran
Hunting Great Coffee – Honduras Part 2
03 Jul 2015
Part 2 of 2. There are many steps involved after coffee is harvested and before it can be roasted ...
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feature image honduran blog post 1
Hunting Great Coffee – Honduras Part 1
22 Jun 2015
In March of this year I was fortunate enough to travel to Honduras, a trip exclusively tailored to sourcing ...
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semi washed coffee in hand
Semi-Washed Coffee
06 Apr 2015
I like to think of this as “The Goldilocks method” of drying coffee.  Half way between washed process and ...
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ripe cherries on coffee tree
The Washed Process
21 Mar 2015
  The predominant method of processing coffee in the world is called the Washed Process. The coffee cherry is ...
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up close natural process cherries
Natural Process Coffee
17 Mar 2015
  Natural process coffee refers to the way the coffee cherry is processed after it is picked.  Whereas the ...
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Demystifying Drip Coffee
17 Oct 2014
Despite being the most widely used at-home brewing method, making a great pot of drip coffee can be a ...
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