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African Harvest
Honduran Gold
Guatemalan Bourbon
Black Eddy's Darkness
Ringing Rocks Roast
Dead Man's Brew
Sumatra Mandheling
Peruvian Sunrise
Ethiopian Yirgacheffe
Homestead's Own
Ethiopian Decaf

Rick Lewis

Owner and Roastmaster

Rick began his journey with the Homestead General Store in 1979 when he became owner/operator. Since the first day he has tried to offer the best products and service. He tried many coffee distributors, but throughout the 1980s it was difficult to find a quality cup of coffee like that which he had experienced in other parts of the world. Not one to give up, he decided to try his hand at roasting and importing green coffee beans from all over the world. He continues to oversee the operation of Homestead Coffee, personally delivering to local restaurants, coffeehouses, and other stores.


Michael Lewis


Michael is our lead roaster, importer, and head of operations. His passion for coffee has him sample roasting and cupping many times a day – to bring the very best coffees grown in the world to the US.


Trevor Lewis

..........you never know where you might find me! I could be in the barn packaging, in the general store sampling, or out delivering coffee to our valued vendors. Or you might find me driving a forklift with a pallet full of delicious coffee beans ready for roasting, or in the wood shop building new display cabinets. No matter where I am, I'm working hard to make sure that our customers can just sit back, relax and enjoy a great cup of coffee, lovingly produced in the beautiful Delaware Valley.



Homestead is always excited to form new partnerships with others: cafes, restaurants, universities, and retailers. We have years of experience ready to help you create wonderful coffee, shop layouts, brew systems, and promotional material.

Email us! homesteadcoffee@gmail.com